Thursday, July 10, 2008

Too Many Words

I've been extra word-heavy again lately and slacking in the picture department. Let's make up for that, shall we?
We spent the 4th of July with some friends. Hanging out, having dinner, letting the kids play, fun times. The kids hadn't seen each other in a while so it took them a few minutes to warm back up to each other (??? this was Madeleine's first friend and best friend, but whatever, she had just woken up) but once everyone was back to normal - they had a blast (getting in to all sorts of trouble). We did a few fireworks in their driveway before we headed out. We had no idea how either child would respond to them. Apparently, consensus was bright lights - good, loud noise - bad. They had a great time.

Li'l Miss M as we were getting ready to leave our house

The two buddies watching driveway fireworks

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