Friday, April 25, 2014

Big fans of FanX

Prepare for picture overload. Last weekend we went to the Salt Lake Comicon FanX. It was awesome. The costumes people create can be downright amazing. A number of the vendors are so very amazingly talented. The celebrity sightings aren't too bad, either.

Walking around the convention with the girls on Saturday, I thought to myself, "You know, bringing them to this with the costumes and the people here, they are never going to grow up judging people by their looks!" Thousands of people dressed in every which way, in varying degrees of costuming and some insane, pretty out there ideas of costuming and characters, and not once did the kids think anyone was weird or strange or out of the ordinary. Having that realization made me determined to keep taking them every chance I get. They love it at face value, the characters, the people, the fun but knowing they're getting a little bit of culture and some life lessons, well what could be wrong with that?

So, without further ado, here are some pictures to amuse you and settle down those few of you that keep asking to see them and I keep forgetting to share...

 Last year, she REFUSED to allow Superman in her picture with Batman. This year, she was all over it. 

Yes, we're all ready to run away with the Doctor!

This was the first time E had ever let someone paint her face. She LOVED it. (It was Batman, how could she not?)

They weren't nearly as interested in the mermaid as they were in petting the gigantic snake.

This cosplayer has some amazing photos of her dressed as Poison Ivy. Both girls have been beyond obsessed with Poison Ivy and "Batman and Robin" for WAY too long. Of course, E had to have her picture taken with the Poison Ivy girl. 

She wanted her picture with every version of Batman we would pass. 

This was the only time E was like, "Ehhh.... maybe not but it's so super cool, but ehh... maybe not." The angel lifted her mask to show E it was okay and she felt MUCH better. Nice that it's one of the scariest Doctor Who baddies to actually get her to take a step back.

She actually had me chase down Wolverine to get her picture with him.

Why isn't M in more pictures, you ask? She took a camera of her own this time so she was much more excited about taking photos than being in them. It was awesome. She did get a few pretty good pictures as well. But as soon as she saw Rainbow Dash, she was all over getting her picture taken.

The X-Men ladies really wanted E to be in a picture with them but she flat out refused. M said she'd do it so she jumped on in. As we walked away, I asked E why she wouldn't do it when the X-Men are her favorite. She said, "Because they were all girls. There weren't any of the BOYS X-Men." Oh. Yes. Of course. Silly me. How could I not have known?

And this is how they entertained themselves for about 20 minutes of the 3ish hours we stood in line to spend 1.8 seconds with the amazingly awesome Nathan Fillion. 

Overall we had a really great time. They got to see Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Gruffud), Spike (James Marsters) from Buffy (yeah, AWESOME), Jayne (Adam Baldwin) from Firely, Darla (Julie Benz) from Buffy, Amy freaking Pond (Karen Gillan) from Doctor Who (she was so sweet and friendly and just downright as awesome as you would want her to be - we all loved her!), I'm sure there were others. They so very desperately wanted to see Professor X (Patrick Stewart), but sadly, so did half the state of Utah. 

We are all looking VERY forward to doing it all again for Comicon in September. Though, I gotta say, how you beat Patrick Stewart and Nathan Fillion, I have no idea. Do you think they can outdo themselves now?? Just damn awesome.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Year and Three-ish Months Later...

Hmm... Yeah... Well... Hey there. It's been a little while. For some reason, I've decided to resurface. I'd like to say I've rediscovered my voice or have something amazing and profound to share or that I simply just miss seeing my words on the screen. It's more likely that I'm extremely lazy and no longer do any sort of documenting of any life events, big or small, and since I spend so much time online, well, it kind of just makes sense. So I guess we'll just have to see how it all plays out this time around...