Monday, July 28, 2008

Project Say Something: Pet Peeves

We've established I'm a bit neurotic and a little nuts. It goes without saying then that I have a million little pet peeves. Of course I couldn't list them all even if I could think of them all. So I'm just going to spout off a few and leave it at that.

When people don't bother to tell you that they aren't going to talk to you anymore. So you just keep trying wondering what the heck is happening.

When people who stop talking to you give no explanation or reason.

When people don't respond to email, whether it be actual response or even just simple acknowledgement. Sure, some don't require either, but most do. Geeze.
(Are you sensing some abandonment issues here?)

Clothes hung on hangers backwards. Or the wrong color of hanger. Or the hanger is put on the rack in the wrong direction.

Items not folded identically in a drawer or pile.

When someone stands on the left of the escalator. (Especially when it's right next to the signs telling you, "Stand on the right. Walk on the left.")

When someone uses the knife with peanut butter still on it to get the jelly out.

When the foods on my plate touch. Foods cannot touch!

Empty (or not) soda cans and water bottles strewn about everywhere.

Garbage that's not in a garbage can.

Not using spell check.

Toilet paper on the holder backwards.

People who stop dead in their tracks without paying any attention to what is going on around them.

Mean people. Inconsiderate people. Unkind people. Disrespectful people.

When making a list of things that annoy you and you know you have some really good ones but you just cannot think of them to save your life. Yeah, that's my biggest pet peeve of all.

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