Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project Say Something: If Video Killed the Radio Star, It Must Have Been Reality TV That Killed Video?

MTV used to play music videos? You mean, it hasn’t always been really bad reality TV?

I was a 120 Minutes girl. I stayed up way too late on Sunday nights to catch the “alternative” videos. Nights I couldn’t make it up that late (that should have been every one as Sunday nights were school nights but I’m a night owl, an insomniac, sleep is for wussies and who cares if I am barely conscious during first period I MUST get my weekly video fix), I would videotape it. I was more a fan of the “new wave” alternative videos than of the “industrial” alternative videos. Though looking back now, I probably like the then-considered industrial bands more than the new wave ones. Go figure.

I really don’t remember the videos. (That’s a theme in my life, I remember nothing. About anything. Ever.) To randomly pick three, I would go with three of The Cure - Just Like Heaven, In Between Days, and Hot, Hot, Hot.

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