Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Confessional: Mischievous Monkeys


I Confess

My first baby was a hard baby. She was very colicky. She cried a lot. I cried a lot. I was terrified of having a second baby and having to go through that first year again.

I Confess

The first year with the second baby was a breeze. She was a wonderful baby. 

I Confess

My first toddler was an angel. She was so well-behaved and listened and wasn’t mischievous and naughty. She stayed out of things, stayed away from things, stayed off of things, understood the word “no.”

I Confess

The second one? Oh good heavens. She makes me want Valium even thinking about her at times. She has SO much personality, so much energy, so much LIFE, so much SASS!!!! that I am just amazed by her daily.

I Confess

I will ask her to not do something and she will look me square in the eye, flash an evil grin, and do it anyway.

I Confess

She is defiant. She is stubborn. She is sassy. She is devilish. She is naughty. She is too smart for her own good, or anyone else’s.

I Confess

She is so sweet, so generous, so loving and lovable that I can hardly stand it.

I Confess

I believe these sisters swap personality traits back and forth. They are opposites of each other at each phase in life. This terrifies me. And yet endears and excites me. They are fun. They are so different. They are so similar.

I Confess

They are evil. And I love them both more than life itself. Even when the red pasta sauce is flying at the carpet and my head while that little one cackles.

Careful, she will lure you in and trick you with her perfectly adorable adorableness.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

On the List of Things I Swore I Would Never Do

We all have them - the endless lists of things *we'll* never do when we have kids or things *our* kids will never do. Don't lie. You had them, too. Probably still do. I did. I do.

One of those things on my list of things I will NEVER do, nu-uh, no way, don't care, wouldn't love ANY kid of mine enough for *that* involves St. Patrick's Day. For years I have heard stories about those naughty, little, mischievous leprechauns and how they sneak in and wreak havoc all over the place. Making messes, opening doors, playing nasty little pranks and GASP! leaving silly string!! in their tracks. SILLY STRING!!! Hello! That stuff is a mess. (And apparently really stinks. Thanks for the warning, people.) Well, no way was *I* going to let any leprechauns come in to our house and make crazy messes and wreak any havoc whatsoever. Why do that to myself knowing I have to clean up?? No sir, not me, I wasn't falling for it.

And here's where I can't even say "but then I had kids of my own." No. I still stood by this "No Naughty Leprechaun" rule through the first FOUR St. Patrick's Days. I did well. But then... THEN... The 4-year old was so incredibly excited for St. Patrick's Day and all the craziness that comes with those little prankster leprechauns. She loved it last year and she's been talking about it for weeks this year. And so.... I caved. I gave in. I broke my own rule.

I let those naughty leprechauns in to my home this year. But there were rules! They HAD to stay in the toy room. And well, that's about where the rules ended. We made a leprechaun trap to try to catch one. (HE can clean up his mess if we do, right??) We put the sparkly, shiny, jewels 'n gold out, knowing they can't resist. And they didn't. They tore through the kitchen. They got in the pantry and got out baggies of Lucky Charms cereal they even used OUR paper and pencils to trace and cut out shamrocks to put on things. They left some of their gold and their jewels behind. And. And. And..... They left silly string behind. Everywhere.

Blasted leprechauns.

And you know what? The mess is STILL there. We didn't catch any leprechauns to make clean up after themselves so I will have to do it myself. But when Li'l Miss M came running up the stairs this morning yelling, "Mommy!! We caught one! I really think we caught one!", yeah... okay.... I eat my words - it was totally worth it.