Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meme-esque Part 2

Remember ages and ages ago when I started answering random questions that I would just sprinkle through periodically? Yeah, neither did I until I happened to run across the file of questions this afternoon. Since I am stuck with nothing better to do (yes, I have exhausted my web-surfing ideas for the day even), I picked it back up and answered a few more.

How can you describe yourself in a sentence?
I am a walking contradiction.

Which is your favorite childhood hero?
Trying to think back to who my heroes were when I was a child, I’m coming up kind of blank. I know I loved Wonder Woman (what girl didn’t)? But I don’t know that I ever saw her as a “hero.” Or any one of the usual suspects in the “hero” category. I remember thinking of my teachers as heroes. Seriously. They knew everything. To teach us things we didn’t know, to help us grow and learn and become individuals. The ones who did that well, they were my heroes. Though the gold bracelets and lasso of truth were wicked cool and Lynda Carter was oh so beautiful!

Can you find easily 10 words rhyming with pencil?
Um. No. Stencil. Pretzel (it so does too rhyme!).

What did you dream you'd be when you were growing up?
A cheerleader. A nurse. An astronaut. A mom. A teacher. A lawyer. A musician. An actor.

Nice to know things haven’t changed much. I still can’t decide what I want to be when I grow up…

Do you have any nervous habits?
Chewing my lip. Picking at/biting my fingernails.

Do you have any bad habits? Why don't you quit?
See above. And add about a hundred. Because I am lazy (also a bad habit).

When you find a bug in your house, what do you do?
SCREAM. And then get resentful because bugs only exist in THIS house and if THIS house would just sell I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore, dammit! And then scream some more. But those are only for the
really icky bugs (DON'T CLICK HERE if you don't like nasty, icky, HUGE, GROSS, YUCKY creepy-crawlies. However, truth be told, I closed my eyes and linked to it so hopefully it does take you to the right place. I make no promises.) and spiders. Otherwise, if they’re just itty-bitty wussy ones, I just kill them and cringe and “ew” and “gross” and “yuck!” a little. But still feel resentful toward the house. I sure don’t skip that step.

If you could have a torrid affair with one celebrity, who would it be?
David Tennant. What? I'm very non-commital, it could change tomorrow. But ... Oh yeah, the Tenth Doctor. Mmmm……

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