Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Fun Day

This past Saturday, Li’l Miss M’s day care hosted quite the event. They invited all of the families over for a day of fun that included a bounce house, clowns, the fun bus, the reptile guy, a kid’s musician, and all sorts of crazy amounts of food. It was a really great turn out and it was really nice to finally (after 2 years in some cases) formally meet some of the kids’ parents. You say hi, you chat about each other’s kids and everyone knows everyone’s kids, but none of the parents really know any of the other parents. So it was nice to get the chance to meet the parents of my child’s bestest friends. It was also good to get to see my demon child interact with other people she’s familiar with. She’s very comfortable over there, that’s for sure.
She had a ball. She was a little unsure of all the people and events when we first got there and stayed pretty close to us. But then we mentioned face painting and that quickly went to the top of her agenda. She stood and waited her turn, patiently, politely and quietly for at least 5 minutes. I know! My kid! Crazy, huh? When it was finally her turn, I put her up in the chair and she knew just what to do. She sat perfectly still and closed her eyes before the lady even turned to look at her. She knows what’s up – this is all old hat to her.

Next on her agenda was a balloon! MUST have a balloon. So she went to see the balloon lady and was given the cutest little lady bug balloon. It held her attention for a few minutes. Until she saw some of the other kids jumping on and popping their balloons. So, of course, that was the cool thing to do. She took hers off, threw it on the ground, put her foot on it and stepped down. POP! She was hooked. She kept going back for more balloons just to toss them to the ground and step on it to hear the little “POP” it would give. They were small balloons, not loud at all. Which is a good thing. Kids – and the heat – were popping those suckers left and right.  

In between balloon poppings, she tried out the bounce house. She wasn’t too thrilled with it the first time she went in. But the second time she was in there with some of her buddies and had a blast. And I would swear she was showing off for and flirting with the teenage boy charged with manning the house. Silly girl. 
She refused to eat or drink anything – she was just having way too much fun for that. It was so hot outside we kept trying to sucker her in to *something.* Then one of her little friends was given a snow cone. My child is such a follower. Suddenly it was okay to give her a snow cone to eat. It was her first one, she had no idea what to do with it, so of course tried to drink it. That didn’t work so well. She quickly figured it out and packed it around for a good while. I think she maybe only took 3 bites from it but kept going back to the lady serving them wanting more.
We were only there for a little over an hour but Madeleine had a blast. And we had just as much fun watching her. It’s nice to get out with her every now and again and experience a little bit of real life. I just wish we were in a position (or location) to be motivated to do it a whole lot more often. But, I guess that’s what makes the few times we do get to do it all that more awesome.

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