Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Guess I Should Have Added This to My Last Post

What rule in journalism gives the okay to not proofread or spell check your work when writing for online publishing? Before you put your name on it and put it out there for millions of people...
I'm not talking blogs. Errors there are a given. I am talking about valid, official online news sources. It's very disconcerting to see so many "news articles" barely make sense because of the typos and the misspellings in them. Maybe I'm just reading more of them, but it really seems that it's just been getting worse over time. Like people have just stopped caring. On both ends - writers stop caring to correct (or look for) their mistakes and readers stop caring to complain about it. Drives me nuts.

(If you're wanting to point out that my writing isn't perfect, who I am to criticize? Don't bother. I never claimed to have an education in it and I sure don't get paid to put it out there. I'm not a writer. But I do put forth the effort to make it the best possible. It seems even I try harder than some "professionals." )

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