Sunday, February 14, 2010

So It's Been a While...

So December came and went. And January came and went. And what do you know, it's the middle of February. So I'm just going to write off the updates I have missed. Sure, I could go back and TRY to remember things but well, I can't remember anything about anything. So I'll just say, this baby is awesome. She is huge (and yet, miniature in comparison to babies half her age). She is starting to attempt the sitting up by herself thing. She's been sick more days than well. She adores her sister beyond belief. She sleeps like crap anymore even though we have had a few nights where she sleeps the whole night through and I have to wake her up in the morning (hello! could you give me a few more of those please??). She's not interested in the whole "food" thing - she's still convinced it's going to gag her. She rolls everywhere. She's absolutely adorable and everyone she sees falls in love with her. She's just awesome. See for yourself:

Monday, February 8, 2010

To My Sister

Remember when you had cooties? Remember when I would kick and scream and BEG mom to NOT make me take you with me places? Remember when I would pick on you relentlessly and be so mean and treat you like you were the biggest nuisance/inconvenience/twerp in all the world? Remember the golf tees? I am so sorry for all that. I was an awful big sister.

Watching Elena and Madeleine lately has given me a completely new perspective on siblings - specifically sisters. Sure, right now Madeleine thinks Elena is pretty cool and can't wait to share her things with her- her toys, her food, her clothes, her stories. But being a big sister, I know that's temporary. I look at Elena and the way she looks at Madeleine and she's only 6 months old but you can see the adoration in her eyes. You can see how much she already looks up to her big sister and thinks she's the coolest thing ever. That's not going to change nearly as quickly and her heart is going to be broken when Madeleine doesn't want her tagging along with her everywhere or doesn't want to share everything she has with her anymore.

We had some pictures taken a few weeks ago and we could not get Elena to look at the camera because she was too busy watching and smiling at Madeleine. Every chance she gets, she's watching her sister, laughing, giggling, reaching out for her. Madeleine can get her to laugh and squeal and giggle and calm down easier than anyone else. It's the most adorable thing I could have ever imagined. And yet it throws the reality of sisterhood in my face.

I hope in twenty-some years Madeleine can make this realization and tell her sister how absolutely damn cool she is and that she could never ask for a better sister and she's so glad they've grown up to be such amazing and close friends.

So thanks, sister, for putting up with me and not hating me for being the big sister that big sisters just sometimes are.