Thursday, May 29, 2008

Project Say Something: Poor Politics

I would love to give some intelligent, insightful, knock your socks off answer. I can't. This question is next to impossible for me to answer. So you’re going to get a really crap answer. I’m kinda not sorry.

For starters, I never talk politics. It, like religion and money, are so subjective, so personal that I don’t feel I need to throw it out there for public fodder when it is *my* opinion and I don’t really care to have you tell me how wrong I am. Because I think you’re just as wrong. And no one wins. And feelings just get hurt and relationships damaged and so I just choose to sit back and keep my mouth shut.

Secondly, I work here. No way in hell would I consider running for President. I see how the people in this town are and no thank you! (That’s not to say they’re all bad – some of them are delightful. But certainly not all.)

Thirdly, I had a running joke with a friend in high school that if either of us ran for President, the other one would bring up all the torrid details of our past lives to ensure we never got elected. I would hope he would keep his end of the bargain! (Just because I really, really, really can’t imagine ever wanting to be President.)

And lastly, most importantly, I am not a well-educated-on-politic-policies person. Sure, there are some of which I am well-informed and quite passionate about but I am not wrapped up with every little detail. I can barely stand to face the woes of my own life. No way would I be in the position to handle them for an entire country. And having that much responsibility? Ha! I’d go mad. Hey, maybe that’s what happens each time…..

I just don't do politics. I had my fill years ago and got pretty burned out.

Face-Painting Fun

There were a couple of days last week that Madeleine came home with her face painted. She was so proud of it. The first night, she showed off her butterflies like they were fabulous works of art. The second night she had a runny nose so mostly destroyed it but she was still so excited about it.
One of the girls at day care paints the kids up and they all have a ball. What impresses me - and I certainly can't speak for the other children, only my own - is how in the holy sam hell she gets them to sit still long enough to do anything but draw a big blob. Some of them are pretty intricate and fancy. And they're all tiny toddlers who don't sit still for anything ever. I'm kinda jealous. Maybe I need to invest in some face paint.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Somebody Loves the Cars on the Carts at the Grocery Store

I can't say I mind them much myself. I was actually able to do a little bit of shopping without an impatient, melting-down child. Good stuff!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Project Say Something: Because I'm an Idiot

There used to be a joke in my family that it was a good thing I had physical proof that there was a brain in my head (MRIs, CT scans, etc) because otherwise there would be some serious doubt. (It was a joke – we all knew it. *I* knew it. Chill. I’m not permanently scarred because my family picked on me.) Sometimes I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. Choosing the topic for the week this week was one of those times.

I say, “Hit random on your iPod and list the next 12 songs.” Except that… I don’t think I even HAVE 12 songs on my iPod. If I do, it’s not many more than that. Right now all I have are the one-offs from CDs I wanted to get rid of but liked one or two songs from so kept those. So where’s the fun in that? The diversity? Nowhere, I tell you. But! I asked the question, I’ll play along. (Had I been smart about it had any time whatsoever, I would have quickly added a whole bunch of stuff like I need to anyway. Someday I’ll get to it.)

So my totally lame, lack of any musical diversity or good taste whatsoever, list:

1. (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do – Filter/Crystal Method
2. Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
3. Maria - Blondie
4. Not an Addict – K’s Choice
5. Return to Me – Dean Martin
6. RPM – Sugar Ray
7. Salvation - Cranberries
8. That’s How You Know – Enchanted Soundtrack
9. Wild Horses – The Sundays
10. 16 Horses – Soul Coughing
11. One – Foo Fighters
12. Cell Block Tango – Chicago Soundtrack

Wow. This really makes it look like I have completely crap taste in music. (While some may believe that really is the case) I swear this is not a good reflection of what I really do listen to. I just wanted to get rid of most of those CDs but liked a song here and there. I so need to go update my iTunes……

Monday, May 19, 2008

Project Say Something: Fate

I don’t think I do. The idea that things are pre-destined, that no matter what choice is made, the outcome is set in stone, I just can’t buy it. I can’t buy into “everything happens for a reason” in small, stupid things (like my stupid house not selling for 15 freaking months!!!), I certainly can’t jump on for the big things. I don’t have much more of an answer than that, really. I can’t say that it does or doesn’t impact my life because I just don’t pay enough attention (to that or much else – I’m a bit of a space-case if you didn’t already know). It’s a romantic idea (and not just the romantic version of fate), but not one that I can stand behind.

Project Say Something: Expecto My Patronum

A Doberman Pinscher.

Because wow! are they stunning. And ferocious if they need to be.

But that’s not really why. Mostly just because it’s an incredibly beautiful dog.

Friday, May 16, 2008

So Sweet

She had been cuddling with the baby, right up under her chin. But I'm not so quick with the iphone camera in a dark car.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mine has Been Gone for Years (And I Miss it)

A few of us were talking to the boss's son today. He's 20ish and a bit of a "free spirit." One of the girls commented that he wouldn't fit well in an "office job," it just wasn't him. He said, "No, you lose your soul."

He is so not wrong.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Taste of my Medicine

There are days when I would really like to give those who have to deal with me a migraine. Let them suffer through it for a while and then give them my medicine to take it away. Not because I am sadistic and mean (okay, not *only* because I am sadistic and mean) but so they can understand. So they can understand the pain that it is. But mostly so thy can understand all the side effects that come along with it. With the migraine, with the medication and with the migraine going away (I know. That sounds weird. But yes, there are side effects to a migraine going away). Then they may understand why I'm not always at my best. Why I'm not always chipper and kind and happy, happy, happy. And why sometimes I seem like there is no brain in my head. I found one person who "got it" (She'll be a friend for life for that reason alone!), I promptly ditched her for another company but for a short while, it made me feel a little, tiny bit less alone in this battle. That made a huge difference because I always feel so alone in this - no one gets it, no one has any idea. How can they? Why should they? It's terribly frustrating.

That's my rant for the day. And I'm finished.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Project Say Something: Super-Powers

Well, time travel.

But really - patience, understanding and the ability to not freak out over the stupidest, most ridiculous, harmless things. I am a drama queen. I am a glass half-empty. I am an avid subscriber to Murphy's Law. I am an emotional basket-case. Therefore, it's in my nature to freak out over every single thing. I'd like the ability to not have to do that anymore. It's exhausting.