Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home Sweet Not My Home Anymore

Three years ago we listed our house in Virginia for sale. As you can see from the entry, we were really hoping to have it sold within six months. Boy, were we optimistic. We just signed the papers today. It closes on Friday. We're breathing a huge sigh of relief and there isn't a piece of me that isn't happy that we're done with it - it's been nothing but a heartache and a headache for too many years. But it's also quite sad. We really did love that house. We'll never again be able to have anything like it (architecture here is just slightly different from there) and it was pretty darned close to perfect for what we want in a home. It's also the last piece of VA we have, the last tie we have to that part of the world, that life. Now we're done. So that's a little sad. But HOT DOG! We're done with it! I'd say we can move on and move forward now, but it really doesn't change anything. (The renters are gone and that's a wonderful thing all on its own!!!) Other than we will no longer have the fear of some other random expense coming out of the blue looming over our heads anymore. Which, take the good where you can find it, right?

Goodbye, house. I've missed you. I'll always hold a special place in my heart for you and long for the spacious floor plan you gave us. But hot damn, am I glad you're someone else's responsibility now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Make-up Tips from a 3-year Old

Teriyaki sauce makes a great eyebrow treatment, it smoothes and darkens.
Tempura dipping sauce is a great blush.
The best method of application is with chopsticks, of course.
These are all things I learned after leaving her alone at the table with her dad and grampy for all of two minutes. I should have snapped an "after" picture but was too worried about how much teriyaki sauce was dripping down her forehead.
In other sushi news, I actually ate this. Voluntarily. No, I don't eat things that swim. Yes, it was fish. No, it wasn't cooked. Yes, I actually kind of liked it.
I wonder how it would fit into the make-up routine....