Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Project Say Something: Gas Prices Suck

This is a funny question to ask the girl who commutes for 5 hours a day. And yet, with as much time as I spend on the road, in the car, I would completely welcome a road trip. I love road trips. I do not love having to wake up at 5 in the morning to drive 3 hours to go to work, there is no fun in that.

My ideal road trip would be one up through New England - preferably in the Fall. Vermont, Connecticut, as long as I end up in Maine... No idea why but I’ve wanted to go to Maine for as long as I can remember. I thought moving to the East Coast would give me the chance to do that and then gas prices sky rocketed. Stinkin’gas prices. They ruin everything! (Have I mentioned my commute??)

We’ve taken quite a few road trips in our day and I don’t know that I could pick just one as a favorite. In Utah, we would road trip to Vegas and California rather often and oh, how I miss that. Whether it was just the two of us or with a group of friends, I always really enjoyed those. Last summer, we took a road trip to Nebraska. With a one-year old in the back seat. Most people would cringe and run from that. I absolutely loved it. Yeah, it got boring and frustrating and she hated being strapped in to her seat for such long periods at a time but all-in-all, we had a really great time. I hope, as she gets older, that’s something we can continue to do. Let her see the country.

One I did not like, however, was the time we drove from Utah to Virginia. Yeah. Not a fan of that one. We had the two dogs with us, we were trying to do it as quickly and inexpensively as possible and let me tell you, it was AWFUL! We ended up having to drive through the night because there were absolutely NO hotel rooms available along I-80 anywhere in Ohio. Ohio is a big, long, nasty state. I say “we” – I mean, of course, Dan. He did all that driving. All day, all night and in to the next morning. (I did drive for a couple of hours but it was nothing compared to him having to drive through the night. No idea how he does that.) I’d rather not do that drive again. Unless we were not on quite as tight of a schedule and could take our time and enjoy the sights and make a few stops here and there. Because pushing that hard to get across the country is well, plain CRAZY. (Yes, I’m talking to you, husband who drove the entire drive, alone, in what? two days because you’re flat out NUTS!)

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