Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ten years ago I got married. Some days it seems like it's flown by. Sometimes it seems like it's been forever. Given that we were together for 7 years before we married, forever is - well - more accurate.  So in honor of our tenth anniversary, here are my top 10 memories of our wedding and ten reasons why I still love that poor fool who has to put up with me. 

#10 I forgot to put my veil down before I walked out and down the aisle. It has tormented me since. 
#9 Walking down the aisle to the Foo Fighters. Who needs the wedding march?
#8 The cake was beautiful but absolutely disgusting. Fondant really is gross.
#7 There is a picture of me in my fancy, proper wedding attire with my mouth full of chewed cake, mouth wide open, tongue sticking out. I'm nothing if not prim and proper.
#6 And yet I refused to allow Dan to push cake in my face. And he respected me enough to not do it.

#5 Dan lifting my sister so high he bashed her head on the rather low ceiling.
#4 Being really angry that they screwed up the invitations so we were still taking pictures HALF way in to the reception.
#3 My vase.
#2 Making everyone go outside in at least a foot of freshly fallen snow after the wedding to take pictures. And the bridesmaids in spaghetti straps did it without a word cuz they love me. (And they're insane.)

And my absolutely, positively very most favorite memory from it all:
#1 "Are you Cinderella????" Asked by my friend's 4-year old daughter. Those three words made the entire ordeal more than worth it. 

#10 Uhhh... let's see... he puts up with me! That should count for all ten reasons right there.
#9 While he may not involve himself, he supports any decision I make.
#8 I'm an emotional, flighty, run-by-my-heart nutcase. He keeps me grounded - brings some logic to my insanity.
#7 Even though I know he'd rather spend his time in his game, he still does things just because I want him to.
#6 He lets me have my own life and interests (even if he does make endless fun of me for them).
#5 He is way more patient than I am or could ever be so that is very good for our kids. (That, or he just doesn't pay any attention....)
#4 With every new realization of how big of a dork I really am, he doesn't love me any less (and trust me, there are A LOT of them).
#3 The way he teaches the girls things - so patient and calm and collected. (So very NOT me)
#2 Did I mention he puts up with me??
#1 No matter what, no matter how mad I am or how much I just want to beat him with my shoe, he can ALWAYS make me laugh.

Let's see if he can put up with me another ten... I sure hope he does.