Friday, July 18, 2008

4 Miss M Stories

I know. I should use them for 4 different posts. But if I did that, they’d never get posted.

We went shoe shopping the other day. I usually don’t put her down or at least keep her in her stroller but this time, I let her get down and walk around. Before I had done a thing, she knew exactly what to do. She sat down, took her shoes off and went straight for the highest, craziest heels she could find. She put them both on and walked around the store in them.

Now that I am temporarily getting to spend more time with her at nights, we’re actually going out and doing things once I get home. The other night I took her out for ice cream. (Well, nasty, icky, gross frozen custard to be specific. Which is incredibly sad because frozen custard is so yummy!) I bought her her very own cup and sat her in her chair and let her eat it by herself. It was very sticky. But she loved it. I think she loved that it was “hers” more than she loved the actual ice cream.

Her Nana D sent her birthday stuff to her a while ago but we weren’t able to get it until last weekend. We opened everything up and she was thrilled over this little blanket/pillow combo she got. She made me put it out for her immediately – even though we were on our way right back out the door. I caved (surprise, surprise) and she plopped right down on it and didn’t want to move. She was just too comfy. And interested in the show she was watching that wouldn’t possibly match the blanket. No. Never. My kid doesn’t watch Mickey Mouse. Not ever. Ugh.
No, we weren’t driving. We weren’t moving. We weren’t even running. The car was completely turned off – we were just waiting for the rain to settle down a little before we ventured out of the car. She loves to do this. She pushes all the buttons, turns all the vents, causes all sorts of chaos for the next time I turn on the car.

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