Monday, March 10, 2008

Project Say Something: Music & Change (or someone please change the music, these questions are hard!)

"How (*insert band name/artist here*) Changed My Life."

Music hasn’t really “changed” my life in the spirit of this question. The people who have introduced me to the music certainly have but the music changing me, not so much. So Trista (Prince), Stacy (Poison, Def Leppard, and all the crap I REFUSED to listened to but she never gave up trying to convince me), Jennifer (all the Pop-stuff that made me kinda wanna gag on cotton candy), Cory (The Cure and all *that*), Kelly (Ministry, Nine Inch Nails and all *that*), Chris (Michael McLean and the church-y stuff), Blake (everything Classical), and for everything in the last 14 years, Dan – thanks a lot.

But in the literal sense of the question – there was a band that changed my life. Well, that caused my life to be changed. And that credit goes to the Eels. Specifically their song, “Daisies of the Galaxy.” Now let me first say this, at the time - and a whole bunch of years before and even a bunch of years after - I HATED the Eels. “Carnival-Circusy-Crap” is how I would describe them. But. That one song, somehow, sparked something in my boyfriend of 800 years and convinced him it was high time to just give in and marry me already. So the Eels changed my life. Of all the bands out there, it had to be one I hated.

Luckily, I had some sense knocked into me at some random point in time while listening to their song “Souljacker Pt. I” at an ungodly volume. (After hearing it probably 8 million times before that. I don’t know what the difference was.) I now LOVE the Eels. Even the carnival-circusy-sounding songs they have.

So, yeah, their music changed Dan’s life somehow enough to change mine. Go them!

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