Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Project Say Something: Nothing Like Typing up This One While I am Sitting Here Starving

Okay. I cannot put off answering this question any longer. I get stumped and my brain can’t move forward with anything else until I finish it. I have put off answering it because every time I have the chance to answer it, I’m not at home and of course, all of my recipes are at home. So: Last week’s question (nothing like being way behind, eh?)…

My favorite home-cooked meal would be Dan’s steak. Some friends call it the orgasma-steak and while I don’t know that I would go that far, it’s really damn good. I don’t know what he does to it, it never turns out the same way twice. But the common themes are: filet minon, Montreal steak seasoning, red wine, blue cheese, bacon, and other things I am sure I am forgetting since he hasn’t made it in AGES. That paired with bacon-wrapped asparagus and whatever potatoes he chooses to make – yum. (Orgasma-steak? More like heart attack on a plate now that I think about it.) The number one reason it’s my favorite meal? It means I didn’t have to make dinner.

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