Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Project Say Something: The Good, the Bad and the Enabler

I knew my answer to this question the second I read it. Why it’s taken me a week and a half to actually type it up, I have no idea… (Well, yes, I do. Starting a new job is a bit nerve-wracking and distracting.)

I’ve spent that time explaining to Dan that HE is my villain. And it may be a surprise to some, but that’s just not true. Nope. He’s actual the hero of the story if you can believe that. The uber-villain would be - well - me. I am a professional self-saboteur, an expert in complicating absolutely everything, and quite talented at being completely crazy most of the time. “You are your own worst enemy?” I take that to an extreme. He talks me down, he rationalizes me, he reminds me that I am just kind of a dork who really needs to CHILL. There are days when I can barely function because of some stupid commotion going on in my brain and all he has to do is talk to me (or look at me like I really am the biggest idiot in all the land) and everything settles down. He keeps me grounded.

The trusty side-kick in my craziness? That would be my sister. No question. I can count on her for anything and everything and she’s always along for the ride. And boy, do I make it a loopy one for her. Though she did literally save my life once, so maybe *she* should be the hero of my story?

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