Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miss M and Her New “Buddy”

We were house-sitting/dog-sitting for some friends last week. Madeleine loves their dog. He may be 5 times as big as she is, but she adores him. He is the nicest, most mellow, patient, awesome dog. He’d let her get right up in his face, chase him around the house, follow him absolutely everywhere, try to feed him fruit snacks and god knows what else, and just overall harass the holy crap out of the poor dog. She loved giving him his treats at night, hated leaving the house because he couldn’t go with her, and she talked about him all the time. In the mornings, when I would get her out of bed, the first thing she would say is, “I want Buddy.” Five days after we’ve been home, it’s still the first thing she says in the mornings. And often, the last thing she says at night. It’s beyond adorable.

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