Monday, June 13, 2011

A Week of Miss M. Day Two.

Oh my little drama queen. So stubborn and independent and strong-willed and full of sass and attitude. And did I mention stubborn?*

One of the first conversations I had with my family after telling them I was pregnant was about how you get back ten-fold what you gave to your parents. At one point, my sweet, kind, timid mother looked at me, and with all the sincerity and boldness and in-your-face-serves-you-rightness she could muster, said, "you are SCREWED!" My dad's theory with children all along has been "payback's a bitch." (Are you seeing a theme here?? Getting the impression I was maybe less than an angel to my parents when I was growing up? Good, we're on the same page then.)

There were so many things my parents did when I was growing up that I just didn't get (oh please, don't even tell me I was alone there!). Wow, has this little girl opened my eyes to their reasoning. The good, the bad AND the ugly. All of it. We go from perfect little angel to SELL HER TO THE CIRCUS NOWWWWW in .02 seconds a million times a day around here. And the drama just gets more intense as she gets older. And here I thought it would get easier.

Yes, Mom and Dad, I am totally getting my comeuppance.

And she is totally worth it.

*As she is asleep on her floor right now because she is mad at me and has decided she does not currently like the bed I just bought her.

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