Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Week of Miss M. Day Seven.

Dear Miss Moo,

So you're five now.  I'm not really sure where the last five years have gone and since I have been so bad at journaling, blogging, scrapbooking, or keeping any record whatsoever, we're just going to have to assume they really did happen. Looking at you there is no denying it, that's for sure. You've gone from little kid to actual "kid" in the last year alone. You've done so much growing up over the past few months and no one is more aware of it and proud of it than you are. You get so excited when you start learning and mastering a new skill or concept. You love to learn and look at everything new as a "lesson."

You couldn't be more excited to start kindergarten. I believe that's moslty because you have absolutely no idea what you're getting into than it is a true sense of excitement for school, but hey - we'll go with it! You talk about it all the time and are more then eager to tell anyone who will listen that you get to go to kindergarten soon. Truth be told, while I am excited for you too, I'm also a little scared. Growing up is hard stuff. Hard enough when you're the one to have to deal with it, but as the mom, I'm supposed to have all the answers and make it better and easier for you when things are rough. Let me just put this out there now, kid - you think I don't have a clue what I'm doing now?? You just wait! But I promise to always try my best, to always be there for you and to always help you with and through everything no matter what. Except math. That's your dad's job.

You do so many amazing things; so many sweet, smart, funny things every day. One of the most endearing, one of my favorite, is the way you've taken to teaching your sister. You light up when you realize you've taught her something new, a new word, a new trick, how to do something she's still trying to figure out - or just when you can simply get her to laugh with or at you. Not only are you nice to her and share with her (yeah, most of the time), but you take care of her, you look out for her. Honestly, that's not something I really expected. You have a sensitivity about you that is so caring and nurturing and sweet. Sure, sometimes I wonder where on earth it has gone and wonder when the aliens will please return my kind, innocent, sweet little daughter because I've had it UP TO HERE with the EVIL MONSTER who has temporarily taken over. But for the most part, I couldn't have wished for a nicer, more well-behaved, well-mannered child. Yes, young lady, I said *most part.* If the drama of late is any indicator of teenage drama, I just may head for the hills in a few years for a few years. You've got the drama and fits and manipulation down, girl. So ease up a bit, will yah? Sometimes I just can't keep up. And it's another one of those things you teach your sister! And we both know she's dangerous enough without any help.

You love to color, love to do arts and crafts projects. You have such an imagination. We have pictures all over the house that you've drawn and while we've graduated from the unidentifiable images, there are still crazy stories of what things are and what things do to go along with so many of them. Sure, you're fine coloring in coloring books but what you really love is just a plain piece of paper to let your mind go wild and see where the crayons or markers or paint or colored pencils take you.

You love movies and music and dancing and singing. You make up your own songs regularly and love to sing them over and over. And they're pretty decent songs sometimes, too! Pretty sure Nana and Papa will always remember your song about Nana taking all of Papa's teeth. You're clever. You come up with some things that show you pay way more attention to your world and the things around you than we could have ever thought possible. (Yeah, Mommy needs to learn to watch her mouth a whole lot more, I know!) You're a very serious little girl but you do have a sense of humor. So your level of clever and witty is all the more funny when you use it.

You really are an awesome little girl, surrounded by all sorts of people who love and adore you. Yes, you do grow up to fast - that's what kids do. But I am so grateful that I get to be along for the ride and walk (run?) beside you as you do because you make each day an adventure and experience I wouldn't give up or trade in for the world.

Love you mostest,


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