Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Week of Miss M. Day Four.

So I don't know... last JUNE!!! Miss M decided she wanted to have a tea party themed birthday party for her fifth birthday. Being the nutball that I am, I worked on it from about January until it actually took place last Saturday. Nine little girls running around the house - total and complete chaos. (Yeah, five is still a little young to expect them to sit formally around a table for an actual tea party so we kinda tweaked it a bit.) We had fun.

We made invitations

We had lots and lots and lots of yummy food

Miss M has a thing for flowers. Loves to pick them. Loves to look at them. Loves to ask for them. She specifically asked for flowers for her birthday so as part of the decorations, I put flowers in teacups for her. She absolutely loved it.

As an activity, the girls painted and decorated salt dough cutouts in the shapes of teapots and teacups. I had severe anxiety over the idea of a million little girls with paint in the house. Turns out the chocolate-covered strawberries were much more dangerous to my floor.

Even the little sister got in on the painting fun. (Thanks to the patience and kindness of an absolutely insane amazing friend cuz I never coulda done that!!!)

The other activity they did was making teapot and teacup bead necklaces. After that it was chaos-destroy-the-house time. And, boy, did they. They each dressed up in her dress up clothes (yes, I was surprised to learn we had that many, too!) and ran around the house and the yard and seemed to have an absolute blast. So rumor has it, it was a hit.

Each little girl got to take a teacup and saucer with homemade playdough home and we made little notebooks for each girl as party favors.

The cake, which was supposed to be a teapot, turned out looking a lot more like a Faberge egg.  

Her birthday present was her very own "pretty" bedset so she would STOP using the excuse that her bed wasn't pretty as the reason she had to sleep in mine.

The beautiful little birthday girl, happy as can be.

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