Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Road Trip (Cuz we're fearless like that!)

A 4-year old and a 1-year old in a car for 12+ hours. Twice. Think we're nuts? So did we but we did it anyway. And you know what? It was awesome!! Both girls did spectacularly for being stuck in their carseats all day for a few days while we drove to Nebraska, drove around Nebraska and then drove home from Nebraska. Dan has family back there so we try to get back to visit every so often. It had been a while (since our move home from VA, actually) and we also discovered their "junk jaunt" that some of our traveling party had great interest in. So we piled in the car, armed with many snacks and endless amounts of movies, and made our way to the mid-west.

Of course, these were the least stressful moments. But the best moments were when they were both awake and giggling at who knows what...

We stopped at Fort Cody Trading Post after breakfast one morning and let the girls run amok in hopes of getting a puppy. What? This is what was posted on their door:
Miss Monster was not a big fan of the giant statues they had in the back but I'm pretty sure she's in the afraid-of-EVERYTHING phase anyway. And she had no problem at all with the two-headed calf (the baby was pretty sure it was just a dog anyway, or so she kept saying over and over and OVER again).
We spent the weekend with family at Cram's Cove and had a very pleasant time. I think it's something about how laid back and kind and generous they are, but something about being with that family makes it the most relaxing and comforting place. It doesn't matter who is coming or going or calling at what hour, you're all family, you're all welcome and we'll take great care of yah! It's not something you get everywhere, or from everyone anymore so it's nice to see a bit of that good friend, good neighbor lifestyle still out there.
The girls both had a great time and, for the most part, were very well-behaved. Miss M learned she is beyond terrified of any and all bugs and Miss E well... she just wanted to walk anywhere and everywhere she could and shove whatever she could find on her way into her mouth.

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