Monday, October 25, 2010

I Think I Went a Little Crazy

This weekend was pretty lazy and yet really productive. I think I kinda like those types of weekends. There was a lot of cleaning. A lot, a lot. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more.

Get that? LOTS of cleaning. I even did dishes by hand. I *don't do* dishes by hand. And I think I cleaned the toy room at least 847 times. But between the cleaning we did a whole lot of other stuff.

There was pumpkin carving.

And cookie making.

And craft doing.

And treat putting

And to prove to a few people I really did put up some decorations this year, I am documenting that here as well.

Apparently Miss M paid a little too close attention to my pumpkin carving on Friday night. Sunday night, when her little, evil sister destroyed the tent she made in her toy room, her response was, "Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" Which was very much my sentiment at about pumpkin 2. But she had fun digging the guts out and once I was done with the carving and the cussing, they did turn out just fine.

We made sugar cookies from a new recipe I got from a friend. Which was very, very bad because oh they are so very yummy!!!! I planned on bringing them in to work so I wouldn't eat them all. Ummm... they're just about gone anyway. M was very excited about making Jack cookies and very serious about having black frosting for them and orange for the pumpkin. "Get it, Mommy? They have to be right." Yes, ma'am! So it was a trip to Michael's for some black frosting and then a pretty crappy attempt at *creating* some orange from the gels I had in the pantry since they were out of the orange. Next time, I'll just go check another store!

They got to paint some pumpkins in addition to the ones we carved. E got to use Crayola finger paints since I was pretty certain she would just try to eat it. (I was not wrong.) And this year, I went a little nuts and tried some tempura paints for M. The Crayola paints just don't show up well and they don't really dry well either. So they got to go crazy for a bit.

M was doing the cutest little polka dots on her pumpkin but then saw what her sister was doing and decided that was a much better and more fun (and MESSY) idea. So she just slathered it on...

E LOVED it. She had a ball! She poked her fingers in the paint and then tapped them to her pumpkin. Then she just dove right in. She sat there for a good half hour painting her little pumpkin.

This is what happens when you take that pumpkin away from her. She was NOT happy about that part. I went to take it and she snatched it away from me and hugged it up against herself in hopes she could just keep it a little longer. Not a happy baby.

M got to make some cute little Halloween jewelry. She had fun making it but she only wore it for ohh..... ten seconds. It made it's way on to her stuffed dog because "it was scratchy."

But it was really cute while it lasted!

We put together a bunch of treat bags for M's class for their Halloween party on Friday. They turned out really cute. And I thought I had the perfect idea for E's class but then realized what I thought I had bought was not at all what I had bought so now I am back to square one and have no idea what on earth to give to one-year olds that is not homemade. I get that rule, but my, how I hate it. So I made a silly little box to put the suckers in and will probably take them in to work or hand them out for Trick-or-Treating candy. Silly little box, made with all kids are supplies but hey, I was bored.

Somehow, Miss M got it in her head that she had a haunted gingerbread house to make. No idea where she got that idea, we had never even discussed it. But as she was digging candy pieces out of the pantry, I figured we could improvise a little and pretend.

So let's talk about what's going on here...

The Scooby Gang is trying to solve the mystery of the missing Fred. Three Scooby Fruit snack bags and not one Fred. Very concerning.
We've got the little alien and Woody and Jessie getting into some shenanigans on the roof while Buzz is flying off to infinity and beyond.
Tinkerbell and a big ghostie are just hanging out in the sky.
Some BooBerry and Count Chokulas are hanging out in the yard while Mater is parked on the lawn because the Mystery Machine and Lightening McQueen are hogging the driveway.
Then you've got the fish swimming in the river out front of the little licorice house.
All glued down with really melty frosting. The kid was in heaven, I tell yah. And she even got to eat it throughout the day...

And here is the proof I actually put up some decorations this year. It's rare. But it happens.

So all in all, it was a really lazy weekend. But we sure did have a ton of fun!!!

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  1. Fun!!! Now I know I suck. I guess we should be doing something Halloweenie soon. We haven't even done pumpkins yet.