Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Haunted Hollow

My sister brought her kids down Monday night and we all went to the Haunted Hollow at the park. They had games, food, characters, crafts, pumpkins, face painting, pumpkin drops and all sorts of Halloween fun.

Elena was fearless. The other kids were a little hesitant when Frankenstein came up to hand them candy. Not the baby. Oh no, she was trying to jump out of her stroller to get to him. 

I let her out to walk around a little later and she made a mad dash to the witches at the other side of the park. 

That was pretty much her theme of the night, "I'm free??? WOOOOO I'm going to run as far away from Mommy as I can!!!" And given there were so many people and none of them paying attention to the fact that I am chasing after the baby escaping WAY up ahead, she just kept getting farther and farther ahead. Thank heavens she is still not a master-walker because she'd fall down every few steps and I'd make up some distance that way!

She also had her face painted for the first time. The obsession with that must be genetic or something because she FREAKED out trying to get to the chair and then when I put her in it, she sat very still for the girl to do her face.

They were just kids who were doing the face painting and they were using the acrylic craft paints so that was a little interesting. But the kids loved it.

They got some of those silly vampire teeth and M hasn't been able to part with hers since.  

It did eventually get pretty stinkin' cold but the kids were troopers and had a great time. Even if they did wake up sicker than they already were the next morning....

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