Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend before last we took the girls to Breakfast with a Witch at Gardner Village.  Not only had we never been to the breakfast before, we had never even been to Gardner Village before.  We had no idea what to expect.  So I wasn't entirely surprised when it turned out fantastically. 

Both girls had a riot with the decor and the witches were so over-the-top it was hard not to get into the spirit of things with the kids.  Miss M thought the witches were all so very cool and had to memorize the names of each witch she met and match the witch with her picture on the autograph sheets they handed out to the kids. She is still packing it around asking me to remind her of the names for each one.  Miss E just had a blast getting to run around and jam out to the music they had playing. 

Because we had no idea what to expect, we arrived a bit early and had to kill some time waiting for our seating time.  It wasn't too difficult with being able to entertain the kids with all the Halloween and Fall decor they had around the building.  And, as you can see from E's face, it was pretty easy to keep them happy.

They had a witch come out to greet everyone and welcome us in to the dining hall where they were serving a breakfast buffet. All the food was cleverly renamed into some spooky Halloween-themed description. It was all very yummy. Even the little one enjoyed it... Well, some of it. I think she enjoyed the big chair and the ability to get off more than the actual food.

The girls wandered around and got to meet each of the witches and have their pictures taken with them. Here they are with Mildew Rose.

And with Brazzilla. This was M's favorite witch because she had a big spider pet on a leash. And, of course, she was the flashiest of all the witches. 4-year olds... it's all about the flash.

Here is M giving a hand (and getting one in return!) to Crazy Cora.

After breakfast we decided to wander around Gardner Village and see what was there. Witches everywhere! It was pretty darn cool. Having not been there before, we had to check out the shops as well. We'll definitely go back! Cute stuff!

We weren't very bright and got tickets to the early session for breakfast. Which meant that by the time we were wanting to do anything else, both girls were crabby as could be. And the older one REFUSED to have her picture taken.  Needless to say, way cute picture opportunities but one really grouchy girl in them.

Every once in a while I could sucker a smile out of her. But they were rare. And awfully cheesy when she would...

We kept up with the face-painting theme (meaning the theme to this kid's LIFE!!!!). And she was very proud of her cute, little Halloween kitty. Til she threw a fit a few hours later and cried the whole thing off. Of course.

Even the little monster baby was willing to get in on the witchy fun. If it meant she got to manhandle the shiny, sparkly things.

The one thing I learned from the experience that I will definitely do differently next year is NOT go to the early morning breakfast. 

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  1. What is it with Mad and her addiction to face painting? It's hilarious!!