Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mishmashin' Hodgepodge

It feels a little bit like life is kind of getting back to a normal existence. Meaning - holy cow! I can do something *I* wanna do for a whole ten minutes on a rare occasion. It's totally foreign and pretty darned awesome! So I have taken advantage of it.

Last week I finally made the growth chart that has gone across the country twice waiting for me to do something with it. I had planned on making two but it appears they are no longer made or sold or exist anywhere. So I made do with one and tried to combine my ideas for both girls. I think it turned out pretty cute and Miss M thinks she needs to measure herself at least every other day now. She is growing so fast, you know.

Miss M moved up classes at day care this week so I made little clothespin-thingers for her teachers as thank you gifts. It felt good to be crafty again. And actually made me think it's high time I get back to it.

The girls had tea parties and played so well together - even though there were a few dramatics and casualties here and there.

I am digging out the 18-month clothes for Miss E given the weather is changing and all her 12-month clothes are very summery. I came across the Minnie Mouse dress we bought for Miss M at Disneyland when we took her. So I put it on Miss E and had them model their Minnie dresses. If you can't tell, I think it's about time Miss M gets a new one... when she twirls, the waist hits her mid-ribs. But she still loves it and wears it. As she does with so many other things that are beyond too small.

Other things we did this weekend: cleaned the toy room at least 6 times. Not really sure why I didn't just give up and leave it trashed til bedtime, but I didn't. Cleaned the entire house top to bottom. Did about 6 loads of dishes and about 9 loads of laundry - which all got folded/hung and put away (yeah, that's a rare occurrence in our world). I redid my iPod to remove all of my junk and then I added all sorts of music so it could be Miss M's iPod now. She has started really enjoying music so I figure if I give her something for her to listen to it by herself, I don't have to be subjected to THAT much Hannah Montana. Hopefully.

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