Monday, November 1, 2010

Mommy and M's Day Out

Last week I left work a little early and took Miss M over to Gardner Village for a Witchy mini-manicure.  She was so cute about it. She barely breathed the whole time we were there and was so quiet and shy. It was a little strange for that one!

This was her "Mom, you are such a DORK!" expression when I told her to smile for her first salon manicure. 

She chose a skeleton sticker for one hand.

And a ghost for her other.

The best part - she chose red for one hand and purple for the other. She wanted each fingernail a different color. But in the interest of sanity for the poor salon-girl, I convinced her to narrow it down a bit. She was very proud of them after the fact. She LOVES having her nails done. I think she especially loved the stickers.

After her manicure, we went to the bakery and I let her pick a treat. She chose a YUMMY mini-cinnamon roll and then had a terrible fit because she wanted cheetos two bites in. (No, she didn't get the cheetos.)

This was right after the complete and total meltdown. But I still think it's a perfect little picture of M's Mommy time. She doesn't get a lot of it anymore without the evil little sister in tow. So it's nice to be able to spend some one on one time with her. Even if a large part of it is spent trying to CHILL her out because she can't always have every stinkin' thing she wants the cery second she wants it. (SPOILED)

Cutest little girl. From Angel to Demon and then back again in .5 seconds...

All in all, we had a great time roaming Gardner Village and looking in the shops and finding the crazy witches. It reminds me how much I absolutely adore that little girl. When she is good, she kills me with her sweetness. When she's bad, well, I think the witch in the picture with her kind of sums that up perfectly.......

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