Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Not-so-Great Smell of Spring

Walking in to Dan's building today, there was a very familiar smell in the air. Before I identified what it was or even recognized any possible association, I realized I had tears in my eyes. For no reason. Other than a smell. Of course, my first thought is WTF? And then take my brain through the process of figuring it out. First: Identify the smell: mulch! Freaking mulch! Second: WHAT? WHY? Apparently I associate the smell of mulch with Virginia. This time of year, no matter where you go, it's pretty much what you smell. Everywhere. Third: Tears? Seriously? Yeah... over mulch... I didn't really figure that one out. I guess my subconscious misses Virginia more than I really realize. And my not so subconscious is still having a pretty difficult time adapting here. I think it's getting better. It would sure help if the weather would make up its mind and let us go outside once in a while (without multiple layers and shivering). That they're giving in and laying fresh mulch had better be a sign! I know I just need to establish a "groove," get a routine and well - suck it up - and I am working on that. I just didn't know a smell I actually hate could trigger such an absolute random hormonal reaction. Good thing I have the hormones to blame! I'd hate to have to admit I really am just that big of a nutball!

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