Monday, April 13, 2009

An Overly Generous Easter Bunny

Everyone is posting their adorable Easter pictures and updates and I've gotta tell you, the Easter bunny ripped them off!
For Easter this year, the Easter Bunny brought Madeleine her "very own house." (That's what she calls it and every item in it is also "her very own!") Quite the gift, huh?!? She is so happy to have all of her things back I don't think even Christmas could match the excitement level. So instead of getting all dressed up and cute and getting lots of fun and cute and yummy treats from the Easter Bunny, we spent the day unpacking. Though I can't say it was a terrible way to spend a day. We have an almost functioning kitchen now!
We did get to do an Easter egg hunt and she loved it. She couldn't care less for the point of it, she was just thrilled to wander around picking up a ton of candy off the ground! Thanks to my sister and her husband, we did get to give her a little piece of the holiday and not completely abandon it for her. Holidays are much more fun and, I think, much more important when kids are involved.

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