Friday, April 10, 2009

Quick, Little Life Update

I haven't posted much about where we are or where we've been over the past few months. If any of you out there are still reading and are curious, here's a small peek into our little lives.

As I have posted, we left Virginia in October. We came back to Utah and Dan quickly got a job in Salt Lake. He moved out here and stayed with a friend while Madeleine and I stayed in Vernal with our families and spent some time with them. A lot of time. I finally, recently got a job - conveniently in the building next to Dan's - and moved in with my sister so she could play day care while we firgured out what we were doing. So Madeleine has spent the past month with them and for the most part, aside from a few hair-pulling, clawing, screaming incidences, she's having a ball. She starts back to official day care on Monday and there is a little anxiety with that as it is very structured and scheduled and she's never really had that. We found out in November we had baby #2 on the way and found out in March it would be another girl. I cannot decide on any name whatsoever, I don't like anything enough to commit to it and it hasn't been a very easy/fun pregnancy. But we're half-way so yae! (Over half way if this one comes as early as Madeleine did.) Though I am starting to panic a little bit about the name thing... We're moving into our own place this weekend - FINALLY! After six months, life seems to be trying to find its sense of normalcy again. The past year (and 3 days, to be exact) has been one of the hardest of my life. It's certainly taken it's toll on me and me emotional sense of being (and certainly confidence). To add to it, I'm having an extremely difficult time re-adjusting to the lifestyle and culture of Utah (details are for another post at another time). I can only hope things start looking up and sorting themselves out. Otherwise, I may just go completely basketcase. Oddly, I'm naively optimistic. I think that's a good thing.

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