Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Project Say Something: SuperDork

As you can see, my husband had a great answer to this question. Me? Not so much.

I already feel invisible most of the time. Time travel is not for me (I'm a spoiler-freak, I'd spend too much time going forward and not enough going back). I don't want super speed or super strength, or the ability to fly or to read minds (there are already way too many things I know I wish I didn't) or walk through walls. To be a walking lasso of truth might be interesting. But then again there's that "knowing things I wish I didn't" part. So I am sort of thinking like super metabolism - eat anything I want, burn right through it. Or maybe, and probably most likely, super smarts. Beyond genius. Really, really, really freaking smart. Although I can see it now, that could *so* suck.

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