Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project Say Something: Good Riddance 2008

Oh good lord. If this isn't the loaded question from hell. Let's start with the bad: Moving from Virginia. Then move to the really bad: Not selling our stinkin' house after TWO years of it on the market. Then move on to even worse: Leaving a job I LOVED because I thought money was more important and ended up living six of the worst months of my life. And then, finally, move to the absolute worst: Both Dan and I losing our (really good paying) jobs within 6 months of each other. And the icing on the bad cake: Ending the year unemployed.

I know, I've got to sugarcoat it with some good. So moving home to family so they have the chance to get to know my demon-child, to have their support during the most chaotic time in our lives (to date anyway [hey, I'm a realist]). And... that's all I've got. But that's a pretty good one. Right?

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