Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Say Something: Material Girl

We just spent a month not living in our own house (some wonderful friends took pity on us and allowed us to house sit for them while they were away). That was a real eye-opener as to what we *really* need and what we really don't. (I am terribly, pathetically materialistic.) There were a number of things at home I missed, my crafting things, my Tivo'd shows, the entirety of my wardrobe, checking my mail every day. But honestly, I wasn't heartbroken over not having any of them. As a matter of fact, it was almost refreshing not having it all. Not that I want anything to happen to my stuff, of course! I'm still a materialistic nutjob. But if I had to narrow "stuff" down to five things, I think I could safely go with these five:

McZoomy. Must have my car. Love my car.

Internet Access/Email. Doesn't even have to be my computer, just as long as I have access to be able to stay in touch with my people. (Almost all of which live thousands of miles away. A few exceptions being 50+. But no one right close, so yeah, I need a way to communicate with the world. Which also leads me to the next item:)

My cell phone. See reasoning above. Also because I just KNOW one of these days I'm going to run out of gas or have some sort of problem and am going to need to call someone to come rescue me. Been there, done that. All too many times.

My photographs. I know, this could technically be considered "thousands of things" but I have a really horrible memory and the only thing tying me to some are my pictures.

My camera. See: My photographs. Though, in truth, I have a pretty decent one on my phone so I could group this one with that one which would make room for this:
The absolute coolest gift I have ever been given and even though it's tucked away in it's box for now (stupid house. Sell already!), if I had to pick one completely frivolous thing to add to this list, it would be this. (Oh crap, that spot should probably be saved for the vase Dan gave me at our wedding. I'd have to flip a coin!)

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