Thursday, May 29, 2008

Project Say Something: Poor Politics

I would love to give some intelligent, insightful, knock your socks off answer. I can't. This question is next to impossible for me to answer. So you’re going to get a really crap answer. I’m kinda not sorry.

For starters, I never talk politics. It, like religion and money, are so subjective, so personal that I don’t feel I need to throw it out there for public fodder when it is *my* opinion and I don’t really care to have you tell me how wrong I am. Because I think you’re just as wrong. And no one wins. And feelings just get hurt and relationships damaged and so I just choose to sit back and keep my mouth shut.

Secondly, I work here. No way in hell would I consider running for President. I see how the people in this town are and no thank you! (That’s not to say they’re all bad – some of them are delightful. But certainly not all.)

Thirdly, I had a running joke with a friend in high school that if either of us ran for President, the other one would bring up all the torrid details of our past lives to ensure we never got elected. I would hope he would keep his end of the bargain! (Just because I really, really, really can’t imagine ever wanting to be President.)

And lastly, most importantly, I am not a well-educated-on-politic-policies person. Sure, there are some of which I am well-informed and quite passionate about but I am not wrapped up with every little detail. I can barely stand to face the woes of my own life. No way would I be in the position to handle them for an entire country. And having that much responsibility? Ha! I’d go mad. Hey, maybe that’s what happens each time…..

I just don't do politics. I had my fill years ago and got pretty burned out.

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