Friday, April 9, 2010

Speaking of Growing Up - Or - EIGHT Months

When I envisioned bedtime for two kids, I always pictured it as Madeleine throwing a fit that Elena is still up, why does SHE have to go to bed??? I never dreamed it would be the other way around. The past while, every night at bedtime for Elena, she refuses. If Madeleine is still up, she HAS to be up and she HAS to be in the same room with Madeleine. Doesn't matter how tired she is, she screams and screams and then you put her in a room with Madeleine and all is right with the world. (Hmmm sharing a room doesn't sound so bad right now.....)

I'm just grateful she sleeps through the night most nights and is typically pretty easy to get down (for the most part. I hope it's just a phase!!). Her obsession with her sister is borderline absurd but it's completely adorable. Even Madeleine eats it up. I know I mention it in each update but it just gets more and more and stronger and crazier each month, I swear. I have a feeling that for a while, they are going to be two peas in a pod. Except that now that Elena is mostly mobile and can take what Madeleine has, that's already planting the seed of "evil sister" in Madeleine's head. And boy, does she like taking what her sister is playing with. It might be kind of nice once Madeleine figures out Elena WANTS to put the play food she makes in her kitchen in her mouth.

Just last night we were all playing on the floor and as soon as I text messaged Dan to inform him we have an army belly-crawler, she decided that was for babies and started pushing with her knees and feet. And so it begins - the end of just walking away from the baby. She hasn't quite perfected it yet, still pretty uncoordinated, but she's mobile. Especially if you put something shiny - say a phone - on the floor. When you wonder where it is, check her mouth.
For as much as she loves to put things in her mouth that don't belong in her mouth, she's not so great at putting things in her mouth that can go in her mouth. The Easter Bunny filled her eggs with puffs and while she sure loves them, they just hang out and get sticky in her hands. She gets the hand-to-mouth motion with EVERYTHING else but not the food. Glad she doesn't really get it with grass either. She loves playing in it and she pulls it so hard she knocks herself over. But at least what she pulls doesn't end up in her mouth. (Yet.)
Luckily we have a yard now and the weather is beginning to cooperate slightly. They both love being outside and it's nice to be able to just throw them out on the lawn and hang out. Yes, once she's really crawling, it will be hard to keep her on the blanket and out of the muck but chasing her around outside will be great. (I know, I say that *now*.) And I have a feeling we'll be going through a whole lot of bubbles this year...

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