Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Friday night we dyed some Easter eggs. We didn't get started until about 9 so it was a quick process and left out some of the fun and cute that it could have been. Which, for her, was just fine, she had a ball just dumping the eggs in the colors.
As soon as they were finished, she wanted to know, "When can I eat them?! Can I eat them now, Mommy?"

My sister is a genius and does an Easter egg hunt in their backyard. It beats fighting crowds at community egg hunts and it's a bit more personalized, NOT at too freaking early in the morning and it's with family. And it's absolutely adorable watching the little kids running around, shouting in excitement over all the candy and eggs they find.

Miss Monster collected so much crap candy that she could "barely lift" (wimp - hehehehe - even she was amazed at how much she put in there) her bucket. All of the kids came away with buckets as full. It was kind of crazy.
Her cousin got this cute little dress for Easter and turns out, huh, Madeleine had the same one. So they were twinners all day. Of course, this picture has nothing to do with Easter but all to do with cuteness. They're such good buddies (most of the time).
Some little baby was not very happy that she didn't get to participate in all the sugar-gathering fun.
At some point, really late Saturday night, the Easter Bunny snuck in and left a trail of candy-filled eggs from the girls' bedrooms to their Easter loot in the family room. Sure enough, first thing when Madeleine woke up that morning, "MOMMY!!!!! The Easter Bunny was here!!! MOMMY!!!" And the screaming kept going as she followed the eggs down the stairs, through the kitchen, down some more stairs and over to her stuff. At which point, she came all the way back up screaming some more about all the stuff the Easter Bunny brought her. (Really - who knew the Easter Bunny was way cooler than Santa Claus??) And, yes, it was while all of us were still completely asleep and enjoying it!
Let me just say this: I learned a very valuable lesson this Easter. No, this is not "us" spoiling our kids rotten. They are spoiled, that's for sure. But I held on to everything we had been given for them for Easter from all the grandparents and everybody and put it all out at once. Next year, no way, I'll give them their stuff as we get it and Easter morning, they only get what the Easter Bunny leaves them. That was way too much for two little girls on Easter morning. That's was way too much for Mom to deal with on Easter morning. But they had a blast. Even Miss E who couldn't partake of the candy side of the festivities.

Good thing the Easter Bunny is thoughtful enough to fill her eggs with Puffs!

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