Thursday, November 13, 2008

Project Say Something: Comfort Foods

What are your comfort foods? And why?

Comfort food? I'm not much of a "comfort food" person. I'm more of a food is comfort type person. (Can't yah tell?!?) Seriously, I try to think of a food that I associate with comfort, one that reminds me of childhood or home, or just that old comfy-home-cookin' feeling and I think Cracker Barrell. But I think that's more advertising. I don't even like most the food there. Spaghetti maybe? It was one of my favorite foods growing up. No! I know! Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. With pickles. That's it. Nothing is better on a rainy, gloomy, fall day. Of course, it sounds absolutely terrible right now, but pretty sure, the next time I'm bored on a cold, rainy day, that'll be exactly what I want.

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