Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Confessional


I Confess:

Today is kindergarten orientation and I look at my sassy little 4-year old and think, But!!! she’s so little, she's so sweet, she's so trusting, she’s not ready for the big, cruel, mean, hurtful, evil world out there. I know I’m a lot more cynical, bitter, jaded, did I mention cynical?! than most, but the idea of sending an innocent little child off into the world not only scares the hell out of me, it makes me angry at the people out there who make it such a difficult, bad place to be.  

I Confess:

I am frustrated with myself that I can’t do more to prepare her – or myself for that matter – for what’s to come in her world. I know we all want to protect our kids, shield them from all the bad things. And I know we all know that’s not possible, it's the wrong way to go, not good for them, not healthy for them. Or for us! But that doesn’t make the fear go away, or the anxiety.

I Confess:

Listening to her talk about kindergarten – the excitement in her voice and in her eyes, not having a clue what she’s getting herself into, but thrilled nonetheless - melts my heart.  Approaching the new and unknown with no fear, no anxiety, just an eagerness to explore and learn and experience…

I Confess…..

…. She totally didn’t get that from me!

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  1. It's hard sending them to Kindergarten. Mad will do fine. She doesn't take crap from anyone. They will learn naughty stuff and be exposed to stuff that they shouldn't be at such a young age, but she's tough and smart...must take after her Aunt Raka.