Friday, November 13, 2009

The Third Month - or - October

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love this baby?
I slacked for too long and have forgotten most of the things I had wanted to include in this update. It'll be heavy on the pictures.
She started day care this month. She loves it. They love her. I love that they've somehow helped in creating this angel of a child that has replaced the little monster who couldn't be put down without screaming. She is such a happy baby now. Day care has a bouncy seat that moves with her movements, as opposed to the vibrating seats we've had. She loves it. I had decided we needed to just give in and get her one. In some crazy twist of luck, a friend of mine was getting rid of all her baby stuff and happened to have two of the bouncy seats (among many other useful things). I grabbed those right up and life hasn't been the same since. She loves them. She kicks and sets off the lights and music and grins as big as can be, so very proud of herself. It's adorable.
Another part of creating this happy little thing is the fact that she's found her thumb. She can quiet herself down on occasion and that just rocks. I'm not sure how I feel about the thumb-sucking. Sure, it's really stinking cute and serves a great purpose right now but when she's 3 and still sucking her thumb, I don't think it'll be quite as cute. In other words, I'm terrified of how to get her to stop when the time comes.

She had her first Halloween. Madeleine ate Halloween up this year. It was the first year she really "got it" and boy, did she GET IT. She was so excited for it, talked about it for weeks. They did all sorts of Halloween related activities and projects and school and the kid just couldn't get enough of it. She was excited to be Tinkerbell but only after I showed her the costume (I had already bought). She kept talking about being a witch and wanting to be a scary witch. It sounds like the time of me getting to choose what she is is just about up. Hmph.
A side story on that: She kept asking me what I was going to dress up as so one night I told her I would dress up as a bad mom. That stuck in her head for weeks. She was playing with her cousins one day and I was unaware of the conversation they were having at the time but they asked her what she was going to be, she told them, they asked what her mom was going to be, this was when I heard Madeleine mutter something but since I hadn't been paying attention, it meant nothing to me. Then she came up to me and said something else and I wasn't sure what it was she was saying. One of her cousins said, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" I laughed because I then realized what it was Madeleine had said, so I said, "A bad mom." And Madeleine turned around with the biggest nanner-nanner look on her face and said, "SEE! I TOLD YOU!" It was hilarious and adorable. Needless to say, after this Halloween's costume fiasco, I will be dressing up for that kid next year.

The month came and went and was fairly uneventful. We're getting into a bit of a routine, a small bit of a schedule. I still feel like we're drowning in stuff though. Since I have no real time to clean and nowhere to put anything anyway, things end up everywhere since there are two tiny kids with way too much stuff living in a very small space. So once I can get the space we do have cleaned up and un-cluttered, I think life will be great. The girls are awesome, the baby just blows my mind with her complete cuteness and insane smiles. While the three-year old tantrums are nothing I look forward to every day (and we have at least one every day), they're made up for with the adorableness and sweetness she exudes during her good moments.

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