Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions to Forget About in a Week

Uhhh... blog more. Do you think I have any idea whatsoever of what has happened in my life in the last year? Not a freaking clue. MUST. Write. Things. Down. (Or type, I guess)

Get a freaking bedtime routine (and TIME!) for that stinkin' kid. The baby has one. It's great. Now I just need to convince the 4-year old. Mommy needs some Mommy time!!

Re-evaluate relationships in my life. Let go of the long-dead, toxic ones to make room for the ones that need some additional work and attention.

Pay attention to birthdays. I always feel so guilty when I watch one approach and then a week (or more) later think, "Ah! Crap! I totally forgot!!!"

Think things through. Organize. Plan. Schedule. PAY ATTENTION. Try to have some semblance of knowing what the heck is going on in my world.

Take a picture every day. And organize the bajillion I already have on my computer.

Make time for ME things. The baby is getting old enough to entertain herself or play with her sister. I want to dig out the 8 million projects I have in the basement and actually do them. Also, keep a list of the projects I do want to do so that when I have time I am not left wondering what the hell it was I had been wanting to do when I got a minute. (See above!)

Make healthier (physically and mentally/emotionally) lifestyle choices. My kids learn from me. Right now I am completely dissatisfied with what they are learning. Change my habits to change and create theirs.

Try one new recipe a month. And make that husband of mine actually walk away from his computer long enough to eat it WITH the family. That, or kick his butt. I'd probably have more luck with kicking his butt..... But hey, I'm a dreamer, remember?

What? You think this is a lot? Too many to actually focus on and have any real luck doing? Well, here's my theory - create so many that by default, I'm bound to accidentally fall into one or two.

What are yours? Share! I need more to add to my list and I know you have better ones than I do!

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