Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekend Fun

Mostly because I really need to bump that last entry down but also because I think this is an adorable picture...
Dan was racing all weekend so we had a girls only weekend and had a ball. Saturday afternoon I took her to a festival in one of the area parks and we got her face painted. She loves that. She was so proud of her butterfly all day. After the park, we went to my sister's house to hang out there for a while and then came back down for a temple open house. Yes, sadly, she had to lose her butterfly much earlier than I am sure she expected. But I promised to find her another festival in a weekend or two and we'd get it done again. After the open house, we went back to the park and watched a fireworks display. She had a very eventful, fun day. To get up Sunday, head out to the race track and have all sorts more fun out in the sun.

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