Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Madeleine was 4 months old her first Halloween. So, of course, I bought her a costume that fit - a 0-6 month costume. It was big and bulky and adorable. See:
Last night, we were working on the baby's room, dragging things out, sorting, organizing, putting things away, you know, the "fun" part of preparing for a baby (ha). One of the things I had in the pile to put back in storage was her lady bug costume. But I didn't get to it before she did. She's three. And it all but fit. Granted, only one of the snaps did up, but hey - it was ON.  
So not a whole lot has changed in three years, right?
If only.
For you, Miss Moo,
This year you left the only place you knew as home, and all of your friends, and drove across the country with Mom to a new life in a completely different world from what you were used to. You've been in love with princesses and dinosaurs and puppies. You lived away from your Dad for four months and spent five months with Mom actually getting to be a mom. You spent weekend after weekend going back and forth from one city to the other, spending just about as much time in the car as in our past life. You've watched more movies than probably most 10-year olds (in and out of the theater) and you've learned to sing and dance and love music. You've gotten to know your families and you adore them all. You've lived in more houses, with more different people than most people ever will in a lifetime. And you got a new house, your "own house," after not having one or any of your things for five months. You've also gained the sass and attitude to outdo most 14-year olds. And you've turned into one of those kids that has tantrums. After the first two years, I admit, I wasn't really expecting that. But you're three now and I am sure there are still plenty more to come.
I hope this past year is the hardest one you have for a very long time. You went through so much change and so much lack of consistency and routine. And yet, you are still such a good little kid. There were times you were my rock and got me through the insanity of it. And really, quite probably the only reason I did make it through the last year. The five months I got to spend being just your mom were, while difficult, the best five months ever. You have such a strong personality and are such a strong-willed, independent little monster that I often have to remind myself to just chill, you're only three.
There are days I feel really guilty we changed your life the way we did. We have such a different lifestyle here, I can't really say we can compare the two. You have so much family here and you have had the chance to spend so much time with them and I tell myself all the time that makes it worth it. To see you interact with your cousins and your grandparents, for a few split seconds, I really believe it. And, I am convinced, it's what we make of that life, for you, that matters. No matter where we are. And no matter where we are, or where we've been, watching it through you and seeing you take everything in and learn so much from it, makes anything worth it.
Welcome to your fourth year of life and may it be much easier - but just as fun and exciting - as the last three.

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