Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Blurbs: Madeleine Edition

There was a cricket chirping in the kitchen this morning. (I know, crickets in the dead of winter in teen degree weather. I don't get it either.) Madeleine listens for a minute and then asks, "What's that sound?" I explain it's a cricket chirping somewhere in the kitchen. She gets very excited and asks, "Mulan's cricket?!?"

Thanks to Madagascar 2, she has her first word she can spell all by herself. "Moto Moto." M-O-T-O. And boy, is she proud of it.

She can name even the most minor characters in most of her movies. Characters most people could never name.

She needs to get out more.

On top of that, her favorite phrases are "no," "zip it," and "freakin' annoying."

I'm creating a monster.

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