Monday, June 23, 2008

Project Say Something: Dating Games


Lost in Place

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2-Year Check-Ups

Last Friday (because I am nothing if not consistent in my always late for and with everything-ness), we took Li’l Miss Monster in for her 2-year check up and for her first dentist appointment. (The trip for the chipped tooth doesn’t count.)

The check-up at the doctor was all sorts of boring for her. She totally has the “been there, done that” attitude about the doctor’s office. Except on the sick kids’ side they have a cool little bus play area that she loves! Great when she’s sick. Horrible when she’s not. There is always an unbelievable wait time when we get there so the entire time is spent fighting to keep her on the “well” side of the waiting room when clearly, all the cool stuff is on the sick side. By the time we get into see the doctor, we’re all at our wit’s end from fighting for so long. I liked it better when it was all still kind of new and interesting to her. Now she’s all, “Look, I’ve been here. I know what they do. It’s a bit annoying. Can I please leave now?” She still does okay though – for the most part. She had a good check-up, she’s doing just fine and is completely normal. Though I could have sworn she weighed 8 tons because my back sure feels like she does after packing her around all day. But no. Only 24. ??? Seriously, I was thinking at least 30. The kid is SCRAWNY!

I was a little worried about her at the dentist. She’s not a huge fan of people sticking things in her mouth. Though she does LOVE to brush her teeth (i.e., suck and gnaw on a toothbrush) She had been there before so she would have some familiarity but it was so long ago I didn’t think she’d remember. Either way, she was awesome. She let them “tickle her teeth” (brush them), and count them, and let the dentist stick her fingers all over in her mouth. Probably because she knew she would be getting a balloon. Nothing like bribery to get the kids to behave. She got a balloon, a new toothbrush, stickers, a pencil, some floss, and a water-squirter toy. Who needs Santa when you have the dentist??

I can’t believe it’s been two years. Life is moving much too quickly.

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June 24, 2008

Project Say Something: Home Bitter-Sweet Home

I think she asked this question just to taunt and ridicule me. And then I waited until this week to answer it to torture myself. (I’m having an exceptionally rough week trying to deal with the fact that this house is just never going to sell.) My favorite room/area of my house is whichever makes it freaking SELL! So right now, they’re all blacklisted because they’re not helping me!

If I did have to give exception to one room for the sake of this post, it would be my daughter’s room. It’s the most “put together” room in the house. If you can call it even that. Since we’re trying to sell it, nothing is personalized, nothing is decorated, nothing is anything. It’s just stark, boring, plain, imagine YOUR things here, lame. I’ve tried to leave Madeleine’s room a little “lived in.” It’s kind of cute. But it’s more than that. I want to get all sentimental and sappy and say it’s just about the fact that it’s my child’s room and there’s something special about that but that’s not it either. It does have something to do with that though, I think. It’s just an incredibly comfortable, comforting room. I have always loved that room of the house. Even though it’s the brightest and hottest room we have. Despite my love for it, it still doesn’t get taken off the shit-list just yet. Nope. Not til that house sells. Or rents. Or something. Someone, somewhere, any where out there in the Universe, PLEASE take my house!!!! (Do I sound desperate? Do I? Because I AM!)

Anyway, pictures:

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I didn’t have a good answer when this question was asked. Dan tried to give me a few stories but they just didn’t fit for me. The only one that kept popping in to my head was – I believe it was maybe – Prom when I was a sophomore in high school. I wanted to go to the dance, of course. But not exactly with the guy who had asked. I was only 15 and my family had the “can’t date until you’re 16” rule. I tried to use that as a weasely way out of it but the boy was in my grandma’s ward and she liked him so she approved. So apparently, if Grandma approves, it’s okay to break the rules. Now that I think about it, just about every high school dance I went to as a “date” was awkward or weird or just plain “huh??” in some way. Is that the case for everyone? Please tell me it is! Anyway, back to the story – yeah, dance was awkward and weird and I had nothing to talk about despite the fact we were doubling with my best friend and her date. (Which, I believe, was just as awkward as mine if I recall correctly.) I guess I could say the moral of the story is don’t go to a dance with the boy if you don’t actually “like” the boy. But I don’t think that’s a good moral and I don’t think that’s a good piece of advice, because yah just never know.

Oh! Another date that every single person who knows me now will think is incredibly awkward and weird but I thought was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done (another dance story, yes) is junior year when I went to Prom with my date and two of the seminary teachers and their wives (a couple of other high school couples as well). We had dinner in the seminary building, all fancy-schmancy (it was really nice – done by the teachers’ wives, of course) and then played the game Sardines in the seminary building between dinner and the dance. One of the teachers’ wives was looking for people in the men’s room and ended up putting her hand in a urinal. No idea why I remember that. It’s still funny. Though it’s probably more because of who she was than the event itself. So yeah, I’m sure if we were sitting around telling date stories and I told that one, people would think it’s exceptionally odd, some maybe would even consider it “messed-up.”

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